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What is a Computer Expert Witness?  What is Computer Forensics?  How can a Computer Expert Witness or a Computer Forensic Examination help me in my matter?  What is the difference between a Computer Expert Witness or a Computer Forensic Examiner and what will these services cost? 

These webpages will address these and other questions you should consider whenever retaining a computer consultant for mediation, arbitration, the discovery, trial or appellate phase purposes, respectively. 

(Short on time?  The short answer in retaining us is found here. )

The implementation of risk reduction is essential in your matter, especially when information technology and computers are a treasure trove of information.  What makes different than other firms is that we exercise care and consideration when performing any computer forensics analysis? is a "one-stop" shop that is focused on Computer Forensics and Computer Expert Witness Testimony. 

If you are a litigant in a civil action, hard drives become a treasure trove of information and can contain the "smoking gun" that is needed for trial.  At the same time, the defense needs to preserve their data and compare it with the "before" and "after" the opposition has reviewed the data.

If you have been charged under the Adam Walsh Act?  We have experience in working with counsel in this area.  Sometimes it is a mere scrap of information which can enable your legal counsel to leverage that knowledge to have you prevail or lead to a fair settlement in your matter.

Our tools and methodology has been reviewed by the judiciary and in being court qualified, when we testify, we do not proffer "junk science," but hard evidence that prevails in our approach in your matter. does not only have the knowledge and skill-set to meet your needs, but also uses high-end computer forensic tools that are in use by law enforcement agencies and the Department of Defense.  We bring the "CSI" persona or aura into your matter by utilizing our unique knowledge and the latest  tools that are on the market.  We have the ability to not only image and look at and decrypt the data contained on computer hard-drives and various forms of portable memory, such as USB, stick memory or flash memory, without altering the data on the item in question.   

Don't get "burned" by retaining a bogus computer expert or someone who "sounds like one."  One phone call does it all, to get things started. 

All of our personnel are reputable and certified in the area of Computer Expert Witness and Computer Forensics.   We have over twenty-five years of computer and IT experience and we also use the "State of the Art" Technology that is employed by various government agencies to help enable a maximization of benefits in your matter when using a expert witness or trial consultant?  We've even been seen in the Spies at Work segment on the Fox News Show, here in Washington, D.C.    

If your case a matter of an:

Incident Investigation or Computer Crime such as peer-to-peer / P2P, child pornography, child exploitation or computer abuse or misuse?  Securing evidence in or for a child support / child custody matter?  Asset discovery or password recovery?  Employee abuse of company property or e-mail systems?  Verification and validation of the evidence recovered?  Did your child use the cellphone service you paid for and transmitted data that you are now wondering why you are the accused?  (read here)  

Please call at 202-262-0225

Do you require professional digital discovery, which requires Electronic Evidence / Evidentiary Recovery or computer-related electronic discovery such as email, encrypted spreadsheets or password protected documents?  Data preservation or need to turn over mirror imaged hard drives for discovery purposes?  Are the files password protected, are there sexual harassment charges or an employer / employee issue regarding company computer and / or internet use?  Is your ex-spouse (or soon to be) hiding assets and you just don't know where to look on their computer or maybe you will need an expert report, before you enter the Trial Phase?  Is this litigation where e-mail or instant messenger communication is involved?

Please call at 202-262-0225     

At, we perform services in the areas of computer forensics, internet, electronic discovery, password recovery and decryption, information technology, information security and computer forensics, Trial Consultation and Expert Witness Services.  If you are seeking the services of someone who doesn't play "Buzzword Bingo" and you need someone with the attributes of Gen. George S. Patton, the on-screen, action-hero characteristics of John Wayne, Tommy Lee Jones, Russell Crowe, Bill PullmanRobert Duvall, or Sam Elliott, then you'll love our no-nonsense approach in supporting your litigation.

At, we take our clients seriously by being "client-conscience."  Whether your litigation is at the pleading, discovery or trial phase, we recognize that no single case is the same.  An example is a service which advertises a "$599 special" to do a hard-drive "sneak-and-peek" with a search for ten words, is analagous to doing an oil change, but not looking at the other critical areas of the car, such as the fluid levels in the radiator, battery, power steering and differential.

Whether or not you choose our firm, time is of the essence and the early retention of an Expert is critical in any matter.  Even if you elect not to utilize our talents, please consider contacting Jason Coombs (Hawaii / West Coast)


Our commitment to client-care is simple: We "Walk it as we talk it."  What does independent legal counsel's opinions regarding the usage of Experts?

Know the Law and the Technology-
As soon as possible after a subpoena or search warrant is served, hire a forensic computer examiner to educate you about the technology at issue in the case.

- Amy Baron-Evans, Attorney-at-Law (2004)

On Expert Witnesses and Trial Consultants-
The cost may be high to employ the Expert, but it may well be higher not to employ one.  Indeed, Counsel who chooses to proceed without an Expert may be flirting with malpractice.
- Melvin Belli Sr. (Courtesy of Dan Poynter & from Trial Magazine)

How do we successfully support our clients?

  1. We do the best for our client's by vetting the ALL of the information and laying out the facts.  We do not engage in "snipe-hunting" and the opinions expressed are based upon a finding of hard facts and case law, not Junk Science, a one-button solution or the usage of "Auto-Pilot" software that requires no exercise of the thought process.  We "Walk it as we talk it."
  2. We have the knowledge and use of technologies that most law enforcement agencies awe over.  Simply stated, you or your counsel needs the support we provide because your litigation is mission-critical: We can't afford to give the opposition a break and we have to send them packing, by using multiple tests, for independent verification and validation, which meets or exceeds the Daubert and Kuhmo standards under the Federal Rules of Evidence.
  3. In fairness to the potential client, we freely advertise our rates and as professionals. and we don't "gold-plate" what you don't need.  The client deserves to know how far their budget or cost outlay is and we challenge all experts to state their rates involved in a typical litigation. 
  4. Our firm is a specialized in the area of information technology and we choose to help the law, not to practice it.  Our legal experience and education complements what you and / or Counsel's need-to-know for for discovery and trial preparation. 
  5. We know our limitations and have the courage to pass on a client, if we feel that we cannot adequately represent his / her best interests.
  6. We will never color our opinions in order to "tell the story right."  We let you or your attorney know what the facts are. 

Call the people whose name says what it means! 

Call - Your Computer Expert Witness & Trial Consultation Services Solution
at (202) 262-0225!

Every legal case is different.  The information contained and presented herein is intended to provide general information only and it should not be construed or relied upon as any form of legal advice. The legal considerations discussed here may differ widely based upon the specific situation. Visiting this site does not create an Expert Witness / Trial Consultant - Client relationship.



Copyright disclaimer- Music and "sound-bites" that are used are subject to the "Fair-Use" provisions of the US Copyright Act.  It is specifically intended as reference material,  for non-profit listening purposes only and is not to be sold for profit.  If there are any questions or objections to the contents herein, please use the "contact us" form and leave a message with all of the information we will comply with your request after contacting you or your agent.



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